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The Power Within Training Fully Funded Courses

The Power Within Training Fully Funded Courses

Sales & Leadership Development 

Fully Funded Self-Paced Online Learning 

What separates your top performers from your underperforming sales talent?  

The common denominator between high-performing sales professionals and the remainder of the field is their motives. Each skill gap, lack of execution of process or poor buy-in to best practices comes with an underlying motivation gap. This Sales & Leadership programme closes those gaps and transforms participants into ideal, peak-performing employees.  

The vast majority of training programs are heavily weighted on skill; they tell people what they should be doing and how they should be doing it rather than addressing the motives that drive a person to take action needed to succeed.  

This course does things differently because, at its core, every business challenge, every problem, is a people 

problem. And people's problems originate from gaps 

in motivation. Change the motives, and you change the results.  

What you'll get:

Candidates will gain a range of critical skills and will easily be able to put them into practice. Upon completion, the candidate will be able to build a solid foundation to motivate themself, peers, and team members and create a strong foundation for increased sales performance. You will also be able to develop the sales mindset, competency and knowledge in providing direction and motivation to achieve consistent self and team success.  

Find out more and check your eligibility.  


Self-Leadership Development 

Fully Funded Self-Paced Online Learning 

Our Self-Leadership course has been designed and developed to give you more control of your career, business, and professional life. 

Self-leadership is the ability to consciously influence your thoughts and behaviour to achieve your personal or professional goals or organisation’s objectives. 

We spend more than 80% off or time either at work or in our business; This course has been structured to help those looking to enhance their career prospects or business success using our unique Motivational Intelligence (MQ) framework. 

The 7-step success system will take you through a journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-development enables you to understand the barriers and self-limiting obstacles holding you back.  

It will guide you through the process of not only overcoming these barriers and obstacles but eliminating them from your life once and for all. 

This program has been designed from the ground up to inspire, guide and develop you to achieve measurable success in your business or career. We are helping you to create an immediate impact in everything you do. 

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